Event Registration Invitation

Please enter information in the form below to send an invitation to your friend(s) to invite them to register for the following event:


You can invite more than one friend when using this form. When entering your friend(s) name and email, please ensure that they are in the same order in 'Your Friends Name' and 'Your Friends Email' boxes - i.e. type Friend 1 name (eg. Kim Krisp) in the first line of 'Your Friends Name' box and his/her email address (eg. kimkrisp@myemail.com) in the first line of 'Your Friends Email' box. Press enter after each friend, to add another friend on a new line. Type Friend 2 details on second line of 'Name' and second line of 'Email' box, etc. Then add 'Your Personal Message' to invite your friend(s) to this event, and press the blue 'Invite' button (at bottom of page) to send your invitation.