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Positive Body Image - MP3 Download

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PositiveBodyImage MP3The Positive Body Image recording stimulates the power of your mind to create positive changes in your body and your life, and encourages you to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

The Positive Body Image recording promotes healing through the use of colour, sound and suggestions for transforming beliefs, in order to allow you to be more positive about your body and your life.

The Positive Body Image recording is best played as you go to bed. It does not matter if you drift off and/or sleep (your subconscious mind is always aware and can absorb all of the information). Best results are attained when you listen to the Positive Body Image recording for a period of thirty (30) days in a row, or longer if you wish, until you achieve your desired outcome. The intention for the Positive Body Image recording is for you to access your inner wisdom, through the power of your mind, so that you can create positive changes in your body and your life, and love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

Duration: 52:52 minutes | Voice/Scriptwriter: Erica West, Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia. | Music: Gary Dozier, Atherton, Queensland, Australia. | Recording: Uptown Music Studios, Atherton, Queensland, Australia. | Graphic Design: Rod James Creative, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Please Note: For a limited time only, Positive Body Image (in CD format) is available to purchase here.

Rod West on 09-12-2015 01:38 AM
In 2010 (aged 56), I was diagnosed with a tumour in the spinal cord (the doctors said "it's inoperable, incurable and there's nothing we can do"). I couldn't move my right arm and was dragging my right leg. I was off work for 5 months and sat in the Multi Wave Oscillator for 30 minutes each day, went off sugar/meat/dairy and ate alkaline foods, took natural supplements, and had energy healing sessions. The tumour was gone within 12 months, with no medical intervention. I continue to use the Multi Wave Oscillator at least once or twice each week, and am healthier than I've been in years. Also, if I do a lot of physical/hard work, I find that a session in the Multi Wave Oscillator ensures that I have little or no aches and pains the next day.
Kylie Whittaker on 14-12-2015 01:21 PM
From listening to the Positive Body Image recording, I have gained more self-confidence in myself and how I appear to others. It has given me strength to be confident with people and situations where I would normally avoid confrontation. It has also given me the courage to clear the clutter from my life, as if I have been given a fresh start. Thank you Erica for giving me the tools to unlock my hidden potential.
Berniece Terranova on 14-12-2015 01:22 PM
Prior to going on holidays, I listened to the Positive Body Image CD. I was able to put my swimmers on and walk around the resort with confidence and ease. This is an unusual practise, as I always cover up when I go swimming. So the power of the mind has changed my way of thinking about my body. Thank you Erica.
Casey Kemp on 14-12-2015 01:23 PM
After listening to the Positive Body Image CD I felt amazing. In the coming weeks I released 8kg, I felt powerful, strong, confident and connected. I feel like I can do anything. I then completed a 10km marathon. This beautiful CD makes me feel like I can achieve anything in this world. People have been noticing that something is different with me and they are loving it. I’m feeling sexy, confident and have so much love for myself and my surroundings.
Teresa Staines on 14-12-2015 01:23 PM
The Positive Body Image recording is very good to listen to. I’ve been sleeping better, I lost 4kg in weight in the first two weeks, and I feel my health and wellbeing has improved.
Josie Schmidt on 14-12-2015 01:24 PM
I decided to trial the Positive Body Image recording, and definitely feel better about my body, about myself and my life.
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