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RegTradeMark Logo EnergeticallySent WEBSITEThank you for registering for an Energetically Sent session.

You do not have to do anything different on the nominated date of your Energetically Sent session, and can go about your business as you usually do.

After Erica West has made the request for the Energetically Sent session to be energetically transmitted to you, your Higher Self and Universal Energies will download the relevant healing energy to you at the most appropriate time for you - sometimes immediately, though definitely within two (2) days of your nominated session date.

As a result of the Energetically Sent session, changes will occur in your body and mind, which may (or may not) be noticeable to you. Please be patient with yourself, as your body/mind processes the healing session. You may feel to rest a little more and/or drink more water.

It is important to be as positive as you can, so that your body/mind has the best opportunity to process all the information from your Energetically Sent session.

The following documents, even though most relate specifically to the Subconscious Ascension session, may be of benefit for recording and processing purposes for your particular Energetically Sent session.  Click the relevant links below to view and/or download the forms.

  1. Client Record (Subconscious Ascension): (Optional): This form is for your record only.  You may choose to answer the questions prior to your Energetically Sent session and check the changes after your Energetically Sent session (check changes after 3 months for the Subconscious Ascension session and after 1 month for all other Energetically Sent sessions).
  2. Differences/Changes: This list explains some of the differences/changes you may experience, as you begin to process information after your Energetically Sent session.
  3. Dealing With Change: Take advantage of some useful techniques to deal with your raised energy field vibration and remain in a positive state.
  4. Emotional Freedom Technique: A simple 'tapping' technique, using your body's meridian points, to release negative emotions associated with pain in your body and/or emotional issues.
  5. Change Your Belief Patterns: Two very easy techniques ('Cancel That' and 'Blanket Healing') for you to start changing your own belief patterns.
  6. Pocket Reminder - Change Your Belief Patterns: A quick reference to the wording for 'Cancel That' and 'Blanket Healing', plus a few spares to share with friends.

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If you have registered for the Energetically Sent "Subconscious Ascension" session, you MUST wait at least three (3) months between each "Subconscious Ascension" session. The "Subconscious Ascension" session can be energetically sent (or physically attended) on the same day as any other session, and the waiting period of 3 months only applies to the "Subconscious Ascension" session.

This condition (waiting period) does not apply to any other Energetically Sent session advertised, which may be booked every week if desired. Please check the Events Calendar for all energy healing sessions.

Your Subconscious Mind Is A Very Powerful Tool For Positive Change

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