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If 'Your Picture' file image is too large to download, we have inserted a link (below) to an online image processing tool, which allows you to manipulate images in many ways, including resizing images, so that you can upload a picture of yourself into your Testimonial.

We have included some quick and easy instructions (below) on how to use this tool to resize your image.

The steps to resize your image(s) are as follows:


Step 1 - Select your image;

Click on this link to start the Picture Resize tool in your browser, and follow the steps in the images below: 

picresize scr p 1

Step 2 - Resize the uploaded image

picresize scr prt 2


Step 3 - Save the resized image to your computer

picresize scr prt 3 

Step 4 - You can then close down the image resizing tool, and upload your picture into your Testimonial

Beside 'Your Picture', select 'Choose File' and upload your newly-sized picture from the saved copy on your computer, prior to submitting your Testimonial.


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