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Logo EnergeticallySent RegTradeMark PNGWe attempt to answer the most common questions asked about the Energetically Sent healing sessions. Should you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd (via 'Contact Us' form).


What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is where a facilitator accesses pure source energy (also referred to as life force energy, universal energy, God-energy, Creator energy, etc) to channel healing energies to a specific person, persons, situation or event. Energy Healing can be conducted remotely (where the client/event and facilitator are in different locations), or through direct contact (where a client/event is in physical proximity to the facilitator). Energy Healing involves channelling energy via the facilitator’s body (generally through the hands, voice, third eye, or other chakra centres) to the specific client, either physically touching the client’s body, or asking for the energy to be ‘energetically sent’ to the client. Energetically-Sent healing is also referred to as Remote Healing, Prayer Healing, Distant Healing, Divine Healing, Energetic Healing, Absent Healing, Spiritual Healing, etc. We are all connected to ‘All That Is’ (universal energies), as well as each other (we are all ‘one’). The subconscious (or Spirit mind) is connected to the Higher Self and Spirit Realm. Anything is possible in the Spirit Realm. It is only our limiting beliefs that prevent progression on this earthly plane. When the Higher Self connects to the infinite possibilities in the Spirit Realm, and the physical being (person) is ready for change, anything can be achieved.

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Butterflies InBlueCircleWhat happens when Erica energetically sends an Energetically Sent healing session?

Erica West taps into pure source energy to facilitate all of her energy healing work. She works closely with Spirit, channelling energy from the highest realms, with the intention for each client to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves and their Soul’s purpose. Erica asks Spirit (universal energies, pure source energy) to send/transmit healing energy to each client, in order to effect change/transformation in the client’s body/life. Erica’s intent is for every client to experience amazing, positive and miraculous outcomes, transformations and changes for their highest and best good, and for the most benevolent outcome for all. After that, it is entirely up to each client as to what changes he/she chooses to implement. That is why some people experience instant and miraculous transformations, whilst others take a little longer for change to occur. When a client requests an energetically sent session, they may (or may not) feel anything, which is okay, as they have already made an intention to the universe (just by asking for the energetically sent session) for change to occur in their body and/or life.

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Why are some healings instant, and others not?ES Butterfly FacingLeft 2

It is really up to each client as to how his/her healing progresses, and it is important that each client takes responsibility (action) for himself/herself, and his/her health, life, and the outcomes associated with this. For example, if you have a health issue (say, an infection in your body), you need to take action to heal it, by cleaning the wound, using antiseptic solution, etc); or, if you are in an abusive relationship, you have to take action to stop the abuse (by standing up for yourself and/or leaving the relationship). Sometimes, on an unconscious level, it ‘serves us’ in some way to remain in our dis-ease state, rather than making changes (or taking action) in our lives. It is not for us to judge anyone as to the choices they make, as we each have our own life purpose to fulfill, and everyone’s experiences are unique. A person remaining in ‘dis-ease’ may actually be co-creating an experience with others, by teaching them a valuable lesson in this lifetime (perhaps so others can learn about compassion, love, tolerance, etc). Instant healings generally occur when a person matches the vibration of the healing energy, and is ready to move forward on their life path.

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Is there any guarantee that the healing will work?

Erica West does not profess to heal anyone, as no person can heal another, therefore, no promise of healing can ever be given. It is up to each individual to initiate his/her own healing, and Erica West works with universal energies and the client’s Higher Self, Guides and Angels to facilitate healing, and to change the vibrational energy around the client, so that healing can begin. Sometimes, it takes a while for the client to raise their level of consciousness enough for healing to take effect. You can’t solve a problem in the same energy that you created it in, so, sometimes, outside assistance is beneficial and/or necessary to initiate change. Each individual is different, and there can be no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that an individual’s healing experience can achieve the same outcome as those mentioned by clients who have submitted testimonials.

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Butterflies 3 BlueCircle TriangleHow is the healing energy transmitted?

Energetically Sent healing energy can best be described as a thought process, whereby healing is set in motion through the mental request from the facilitator (in this case, Erica West) to Spirit (Divine Light Beings) for assistance to reach a given client (similar to a situation when you are thinking about a particular person, and that same person contacts you very soon after). In the case of energetically sent healing, a specific request is being made to assist the client to heal or transform whatever dis-ease (physical/mental/emotional) that may be present (in the body and/or life). The healing request is transmitted by the facilitator to Spirit and the client’s Higher Self, and it is the client’s Higher Self that allows the appropriate amount of healing energy to be downloaded to the client at the moment in time that the healing energy is transmitted. Even though the healing energy may be transmitted at a particular time of the day, the request always asks that the client receives the healing energy at the most appropriate time for them, and this is done by co-operation between the client’s Higher Self and universal energies. The client’s Higher Self knows the client’s life purpose, what the client is ready to accept in relation to transformation, and the appropriate timing for change to occur.

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How long does it take for the client to receive the healing energy?SA Butterfly Chakra Tail

The client may receive the healing energy immediately, or within two (2) days of it being energetically sent. The client’s Higher Self and Spirit determine when it is best for the client to receive the healing energy, that is, what is most appropriate for that particular client. For example, if you’re working at the time when the healing energy is energetically sent to you, it may be more appropriate for you to receive it when you are sleeping. The healing energy is always received by you at the most appropriate time for you, for your highest and best good.

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Does the client feel something when the healing energy is sent?

Some clients do feel the energy that’s been sent (some describe it as a ‘waterfall washing over them’, ‘tingling all over the body’, ‘strange feelings in the part of the body that needs healing’, ‘like someone is touching them’ or just ‘a very tired feeling’). Some clients feel nothing at all, and this is okay, as we are not always aware of our connection to the Divine, and sometimes the energy download to us can be very subtle (so that we are not frightened by it, or perhaps because we just don’t need to feel it). You do not have to feel the energy for it to have a positive effect on you.

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What happens after the healing is energetically sent?

The actual healing process is conducted by each client’s Higher Self, with assistance from Spirit (the client’s own Angelic Beings, Guides, Angels, God-Self, Spirit Doctors, etc – the individual souls existing in other dimensions, who assist people on the earth plane). Healing and/or transformation of a client’s dis-ease (physical ache/pain in the body, mental condition, emotional pain/trauma/experience, medically-diagnosed disease, and/or life stress) may be instant, or it may take some time to change or disappear, depending on the client’s condition, and the client’s acceptance and receptivity of the healing. After the energy healing is energetically sent, most clients have reported experiencing a sense of calmness and, generally, feel more positive about themselves and their life.

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Are there any prerequisites for a successful healing?

Erica West believes that the prerequisites for a successful healing for the client involve:

  1. the client’s willingness to be healed;
  2. an open and receptive attitude to healing/transformation of the dis-ease; and
  3. a belief that the client can be healed does assist, however, it is much more important that the client WANTS to be healed.

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Is it best that the client gives permission for the healing?SA Butterfly ChakraColours

Yes. When a client gives permission for healing to proceed, this is his/her positive intention to attract some form of change or transformation, and this can have very powerful repercussions. It means that the client is now taking responsibility for his/her own wellbeing.

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What are Erica's thoughts about healing?

Erica believes there is no dis-ease (ailment, condition, disease, pain, suffering, trauma, etc) that cannot be cured/healed. In saying that, Erica also believes that each client must choose his/her own method by which to heal. A modality that may be right for one, may not be right for another, so it is important that each individual takes responsibility for the decision he/she makes in deciding the best possible avenue for healing. What is right for someone else may not be right for you. Sometimes, a condition may take a very long time to heal, because a person has chosen this as part of their life experience and/or has a lot of negative beliefs to clear before transformation can begin. Erica’s advice is to clear as many negative beliefs as you can during this lifetime, so that you don’t have to repeat the same experiences in your next lifetime.

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Why do we get sick?

We are a Spirit Being in a physical (human) body, choosing (consciously or unconsciously) all the experiences that occur during our lifetime. The conscious mind (the logical/reasoning/thinking part of the brain) makes us aware of our bodily conditions; for example, when we are cold, hungry, tired, or in discomfort from physical disorders. The subconscious/unconscious mind (the emotional/feeling part of the brain) stores all memories of our experiences, along with the emotions/feelings attached to each experience; for example, love, hate, anger, resentment, etc. More than ninety percent of the body’s physical discomfort has an emotional cause. When the emotions build up too much for our body/mind to handle, the stress from this presents as a dis-ease in the body (ache, pain, disease, etc). When the emotional cause is removed, there is no need for the physical discomfort (or dis-ease) to remain. We get sick for many reasons – mostly because we are unhappy about something in our lives. When we change the energy around whatever is making us feel unhappy, we have no cause to be sick.

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