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ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife 63KbThe Change Your Mind Change Your Life session is offered as a personal one-on-one (individual) service, so that you can take advantage of personally working with Erica West for one (1) hour, in order to deal with limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

Various energy healing techniques may be included in the Change Your Mind Change Your Life session (as guided), and this session is tailored to suit your specific/personal requirements.

The Change Your Mind Change Your Life session is 'by appointment' only, and available times (Australia time) are listed on the Events Calendar (please check the time zone converter for your area).

During your one (1) hour personal Change Your Mind Change Your Life session, you have the opportunity to transform limiting beliefs around any particular issue(s) you wish to work on (for example: issues about family, relationships, health, wealth, happiness, abundance, love, success, etc). You, and only you, can decide which issue is most important for you to work on.

Within the one-hour timeframe, there may be enough time to work on more than one issue, and it would be wise for you to consider the issue most important to your specific circumstances. You may wish to consider other issues you would like to deal with, and, time permitting, as many issues as possible will be dealt with during your personal Change Your Mind Change Your Life session.

AngelOfHealing SusannaIsabellaPersonal Change Your Mind Change Your Life sessions are generally conducted via telephone or Skype (other alternatives may be considered), and your preference for personal contact should be noted when registering for a Change Your Mind Change Your Life session. Contact will be made at the appointed time, via the agreed medium.
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You will be working directly with Erica West, to achieve the best possible outcome, in order to change negative belief patterns that may be blocking you from creating the life that you desire.

As with all treatments/sessions offered by Subconscious Ascension Pty Ltd, you are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your session.  On completion of the Change Your Mind Change Your Life session, you may (or may not) immediately notice a difference in the way you feel. Transforming limiting beliefs to positive beliefs can sometimes take a little while for the subconscious mind to process. Free handouts are available on the Subconscious Ascension website to assist you with further healing and transformation.

ChangeYourMindChangeYourLife 63KbVarious healing techniques may be introduced into the Change Your Mind Change Your Life session (divine guidance is used to determine the most appropriate technique to facilitate your personal healing/transformation). Techniques may include Change Your Belief Patterns ('Cancel That' and 'Blanket Healing'), Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, Releasing Attachments, Family Line Healing, Akashic Record Healing, and other Energy Healing and Release Techniques.

The Change Your Mind Change Your Life session provides you with an opportunity to change your thinking and transform your life in the most positive ways.


  • Personalized session, designed for your specific circumstances and healing.SA Butterfly ChakraColours
  • Uncover and transform some of your innermost limiting subconscious beliefs and thought patterns.
  • Install positive and empowering beliefs.
  • Exercise more control over your own thoughts and emotions.
  • Raise your level of consciousness (conscious awareness and energy field vibration).
  • Personal transformation.
  • Experience a more rewarding reality.
  • Overcome personal fears and/or self doubt.
  • Heal childhood/relationship/other issues (you choose your issue).
  • Establish better connections with people.
  • Experience a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.
  • Take responsibility for your feelings, emotions and actions.
  • You control the outcome of the Change Your Mind Change Your Life session.


  Please be ready for your appointment time.
  Please have the issue(s) you wish to deal with written down (to maximize the time available).
  Please remove any distractions for the duration of your session.
  Please have plenty of water available for you to drink during/after this session (it's important to remain hydrated).
  You may wish to have some tissues handy (just in case an emotional issue arises).

Please register for the Change Your Mind Change Your Life session
 with an open mind and a willing attitude to change your current circumstances. Your Higher Self and other universal energies will co-operate to assist with creating positive changes for your highest and best good.



I have had a few Change Your Mind Change Your Life sessions via telephone, and have felt instant relief from stress.
Josephine Schmidt. - Australia.

The Change Your Mind Change Your Life session has helped me immensely with pain relief.
Beth Austin - Australia.

Are you ready to deal with challenges you are currently facing in your life?  If there were no limits to your resources, what would you like your life to look like?  If you could access your inner power to create whatever you desire, what would you like to manifest?


  • AUD$150 per person - for a one-hour Change Your Mind Change Your Life personalized session (by appointment only).

Butterflies InBlueCircleRegister for the Change Your Mind Change Your Life session
Check the Events Calendar for available dates/times, or
Contact Us to arrange a personal appointment at a mutually convenient time.


Note:  If you wish to take advantage of a group session to transform limiting beliefs, please check out the Transform Limiting Beliefs session.

Mandala SA Round

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