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Your body is an indicator of your connection to Source energy. Any form of 'dis-ease' in the body (aches, pains, uncomfortable feelings, illness, disease, etc) is an indicator that important physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual needs are not being met.

As angelic beings in human form, we have an inner drive to evolve and grow towards wellbeing and fulfillment. This goal is sometimes thwarted by events that cause frustration and suppression, which then creates physical and/or psychological illness.

The body has the potential to live for hundreds of years, and it is unfortunate that most of us believe that our time on earth is limited and we have to be in a state of dis-ease in order to return home to Source.

Since your 'thinking' affects the physical health of your body, it is important to be as positive as you can about your life experiences and world events. Negative thoughts depress the immune system, whilst positive thoughts enhance the immune system.

Your thoughts carry a vibration that not only affects you and your life experiences, they also affect the people around you, as well as the overall planetary energies. Thought patterns evolve over many years, through 'conditioning' from childhood, things that are said or done to you, and life experiences in general. It is a good idea to become more aware of what you are thinking, so that you can create (or recreate) the health and wellbeing that you really want to have.

Chakra Sunset 83KbChanging your thoughts and raising your energy field vibration/frequency is a relatively easy process, and there are many amazing energy healing modalities that assist you to do just that. You can also do it yourself. Some techniques could include 'Emotional Freedom Technique' and 'Change Your Belief Patterns' (free handouts available at

Another good option to raise your vibration is to sit quietly (on a chair) for five (5) minutes (if you feel you can't sit for 5 minutes, then sit for 2 minutes) and ask Saint Germain to raise your vibration. Whilst sitting quietly, take a few deep breaths and do your best to relax as much as you can (this allows you to be open to the healing energies). As you sit quietly, give thanks (either aloud or silently in your head) for all the good things in your life now and/or give thanks for all the things that you want to bring into your life.

As you continually raise your vibration, you will notice that your life gets better and easier, things that you desire will manifest much more quickly, and your body transforms to a healthier and happier state of being.

So, be guided by your own inner wisdom, and start taking notice of your body's messages to you. If your body is in a state of dis-ease, make the intention to do something about it.

I wish you great success in all your endeavours.



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The question I get asked most about Subconscious Ascension is "How did it all begin?", so I felt this would be an appropriate subject for my first Blog.

My work history included mostly office-type roles, so when a friend of the family asked me to attend a Reiki course (channelling healing energy) during  the late 1990s, my response was not so positive ("I wasn't into that stuff") and I declined the invitation.  Only a few days before the Reiki course was held, I was asked again - "Erica, I have this man coming to the course, and I have no-one to partner him" - so I relented and agreed to attend.  The man did not show up (the training was for me) and I had such amazing experiences during that Reiki course that I was curious enough to continue the training and become a Reiki Master.  Along the way, I realized that Reiki was a bit 'too weird' for some people, so my search for something quicker, easier and more acceptable began.

In the years following, I attended many different courses and learned many different modalities, all wonderful in their own right.  Even though most modalities advised against mixing techniques, I found this worked very well for my clients, whilst teaching me about not limiting myself (by thinking 'outside the box').  Experimentation was the order of the day!

During 2006, I attended a hypnotherapy course and, even though this modality has many benefits, the three separate sessions required were not always convenient for the client (or for me).  From past experience, I also realized that some people didn't want to talk about their problems to someone they didn't know, and they wanted to be in control of the process and outcome.  I became aware of the importance of 'time-friendly' and 'client convenience/confidentiality', so my search for something more appropriate continued.

Logo TM SubconsciousAscensionDuring 2007, I decided to call upon the universe to assist me to develop a powerful energy healing technique that could be conducted with individuals or groups, that accessed the most pure universal energies (from pure source - the Creator of All That Is) and had the potential to make a huge difference in a person's life.  My 'brief' (intention) to the universe was "quick, easy, safe, affordable, effective, clients don't have to talk about anything, and clients have total control over the process (and what happens to themselves individually)".

And... Subconscious Ascension came to form (by way of a 'script' similar to a meditation)...  A modality that uses the universal energies (which channel through me during the Subconscious Ascension session) to raise the 'level of consciousness' - conscious awareness (awareness of what you think, say and feel) and the energy-field vibration (which determines what you will attract into your life).  Subconscious Ascension is continually-evolving and ever-changing (I write and re-write on a regular basis), and the level of consciousness continues to rise.  I feel very blessed to be the creator and facilitator of such an amazing modality.

My passion for empowering and educating people continues, through the Subconscious Ascension session, energetically-sent (remote) healings, training workshops, and many free handouts on my website.  I have learned that there is no one modality that is best for everyone, we all have our own individual journey and lessons to experience, and we must be guided by our own inner wisdom (as we really do know what is best for ourselves). Thank you for reading my very first Blog, and I wish you great success in all your endeavours.


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