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With my partner, I have attended a number of Erica's Subconscious Ascension sessions and believe it to be one of the most powerful methods of releasing 'unhelpful' mindsets and triggers from the past. Without effort, situations and people who have previously triggered emotional responses seem to fall away or, at least, not affect us negatively. This allows us to be more trusting in building our relationships, not worrying about what might happen when we invite the extended family to an event, and be more responsive to life with the energy we have saved. Thank you Erica.
Date of Posting: 22 July 2018
Posted By: Fiona Candlish
Cairns, Queensland, Australia
After 5-6 weeks of headaches and migraines, culminating in a 3-day migraine, I had an Energetically Sent Healing from Erica West. All I can say is, it was “miraculous!" I could physically feel like sheets of stuff flying off my head. It appeared to happen in a nice orderly fashion, starting at one side of the head, then the top and down the back of the head. As each sheet left, the migraine got less and less, until I had no pain. Afterward, the energy for a week or more was great too, and the pain has not returned. I felt so amazing, with loads of energy, which is hard to believe, because I had been so sleep deprived from the pain.
Date of Posting: 24 February 2018
Posted By: Karen T.
Auckland, New Zealand
I have had many of Erica’s Subconscious Ascension sessions and believe that Subconscious Ascension is the best and most positive thing I have ever done in my life for overall self-awareness and development. I decided to trial the Positive Body Image recording, and definitely feel better about my body, about myself and my life. Participating in the Subconscious Ascension and Healing Hints sessions has given me freedom, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, taken away anxiety, released some fears about heights, and I now use my energy more positively rather than worrying about what others think about me.
Date of Posting: 22 November 2015
Posted By: Josephine Schmidt
Innisfail, Queensland, Australia
I thoroughly enjoyed the Healing Hints workshop and find much value in the information covered, and its therapies. I am typically a very practical person who finds it easier to understand and apply newly formed habits if they are demonstrated to me. This is where this workshop shines. I found that the Healing Hints information does work, and the techniques very beneficial for my needs. I can also appreciate how easily they can be applied to all situations. Armed with the reference material, I can consult its remedies for a lifetime and apply them to my needs, even sharing its valuable resources with loved ones. Thank you, Erica, for sharing your extensive knowledge on the many unknown healing resources.
Date of Posting: 21 November 2015
Posted By: Kylie Whittaker
Fishery Falls, Queensland, Australia
I am 82 years of age, and have had terrific results from having Erica’s ‘Body Balance’ session energetically sent to me for a hip and back problem. I’ve also had positive reactions from having the ‘Subconscious Ascension’ and ‘Awaken Your Soul’ sessions energetically sent, which have helped immensely with my emotional levels, and I seem to cope better and can easily detach from drama.
Date of Posting: 01 September 2015
Posted By: Beth Austin
Silver Valley, Queensland, Australia
Prior to going on holidays, I listened to the Positive Body Image CD. I was able to put my swimmers on and walk around the resort with confidence and ease. This is an unusual practise, as I always cover up when I go swimming. So the power of the mind has changed my way of thinking about my body. Thank you Erica.
Date of Posting: 05 June 2015
Posted By: Berniece Terranova
Mareeba, North Queensland, Australia
I have been seeing Erica West for the Subconscious Ascension (SA) workshop/healing for the past 5 years now, since my car accident (which I was extremely lucky enough to walk away from unharmed). Looking back now, I can easily see the complete transformation in my life due to my focus and my newfound calm demeanour. Thankfully the ‘stuck’ feeling is now shifting. I found the refiling of old memories (whether I was consciously aware of them or not) has opened a doorway to bring forward the new opportunities that I so desperately wanted to happen. Memories would purge up, as the SA session I booked for would get closer and, straight after a session, I couldn’t remember what memory it was that had come forth and bothered me all week. All this shifting of mindset within such a short space of time brings me so much relief, knowing that I am dealing with my "stuff" and processing it, without the emotional pain of reliving it. Being so busy, the idea of not having to tune into my feelings to move it on was very appealing to me. I have recently chosen a new direction in my life and it wouldn’t have been possible had I not chosen to work within. The people I surround myself with have unconsciously come on this journey with me and noticed the changes in me (and also in themselves). I accredit the changes to my approach and how I have gracefully handled these very delicate situations to the ease of Erica’s delivery of the SA sessions. I am extremely grateful for Erica’s efforts in constantly applying her love and compassion to all of our various healing needs.
Date of Posting: 19 May 2015
Posted By: Kylie Whittaker
Fishery Falls, Queensland, Australia
After listening to the Positive Body Image CD I felt amazing. In the coming weeks I released 8kg, I felt powerful, strong, confident and connected. I feel like I can do anything. I then completed a 10km marathon. This beautiful CD makes me feel like I can achieve anything in this world. People have been noticing that something is different with me and they are loving it. I’m feeling sexy, confident and have so much love for myself and my surroundings.
Date of Posting: 18 May 2015
Posted By: Casey Kemp
North Queensland, Australia
I have known and worked energetically with Erica West for approximately 15 years. My first encounter with Erica was when I had my very first Subconscious Ascension session. I noted the changes to be subtle, but noticeable, and of great worth to my whole being. I feel somewhat more in tune with myself and Spirit, and since then, I have continued to do so regularly. At times, I have been unable to visit Erica in person to receive the Subconscious Ascension treatment, which I have on a fairly regular basis. For the past few years, I have had the Subconscious Ascension session sent to me and my young family (with their permission) remotely (or energetically). I have found the energetically sent healing equally as effective as when we have visited Erica in person. In fact, I have even noted that, at the particular time the Subconscious Ascension session has been energetically sent, there is a noticeable change in the behaviour of myself and my family, usually resulting in a calmness, or quiet time, for us all, and we generally just feel chilled out. It is my strong belief that regular Subconscious Ascension sessions with Erica West are of great worth and value to all who take part in them.
Date of Posting: 12 April 2015
Posted By: Nicky Scapin
Mutchilba, North Queensland, Australia
It’s been approximately 3 months since Erica West “energetically sent” me a Subconscious Ascension session, as I was unable to physically attend. On the appointed day, Erica remotely ‘sent’ me the healing during the appointed Subconscious Ascension session she was giving to the other participants within the group I normally attend the session with. Erica advised me when the Subconscious Ascension session was being held so, during the approximate time-frame, I consciously commanded the healing to be received. All too easy!! Looking back over the past weeks and years of attending Subconscious Ascension sessions with Erica, I am witnessing changes “becoming”. Being retired, my life is calmer anyhow (without the outside stresses, etc), but my inner contentment and feeling of peace seems much stronger – I am truly in a very, very good space. Becoming unattached from issues is a technique which is slowly getting easier to accomplish, like simply pushing the ‘undo’ button (as the Suncorp advertisement implies). Reclaiming my life and being able to say NO is empowering, an action I am gently achieving, without allowing myself to become upset about it, or feeling ungracious for saying no. Subconscious Ascension is permitting these changes within myself to materialize and become reality. My “wish list” that I write before each Subconscious Ascension session include the demands I ask of myself and, on reading them weeks later, I can see the changes that have occurred. Those that I haven’t achieved are re-written and commanded more strongly. As the saying goes: “Everything is possible. The impossible takes a little longer”. My testimonial is fact – no glossing over the truth. Your SA is brilliant, so many thanks – you rock!!
Date of Posting: 12 March 2015
Posted By: Dot Spence
Mareeba, Queensland, Australia

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