Downloadable Products

Downloadable Products

Mandala SA RoundDownloadable products are intended to raise your level of consciousness (your conscious awareness and energy field vibration) and assist with personal healing of your body/mind, transform limiting beliefs, and promote inner peace.

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD). Please note that some products have the option to be paid via Bank Transfer only.

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Positive Body Image - MP3 Download

The Positive Body Image recording stimulates the power of your mind to create positive changes in your body and your life, and encourages you to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

AUD $50.00

I AM - MP3 Download

The I AM recording includes powerful affirmations around the issues of health, wealth, happiness, love, success, balance, worthiness, and more, and you are encouraged to acknowledge and accept that all the answers are within you.

AUD $1.00

Just BE - MP3 Download

The Just BE recording encourages you to be comfortable with who you really are, and all that you are, acknowledge the wisdom obtained through all your experiences, release past memories that no longer benefit you, and focus on being in the now moment.

AUD $1.00

You Can Relax Now - MP3 Download

The You Can Relax Now recording encourages you to feel at peace with yourself and your life, embrace challenges with ease, and feel the freedom and joy of remembering who you really are.

AUD $1.00

Wouldn't It Be Nice - MP3 Download

The Wouldn’t It Be Nice recording encourages you to imagine how it would feel to manifest positive changes by surrendering to your inner wisdom, and opening up to the abundance of possibilities available to you.

AUD $1.00

Cancel That! - eBook

***COMING SOON*** Erica's Cancel That! eBook provides easy solutions for you to change limiting beliefs, and create the life you’ve always wanted.

AUD $20.00

Healing Hints - eCourse

***COMING SOON*** Erica West shares many amazing healing techniques and hints in the HEALING HINTS eCourse.

AUD $100.00

What You Think... Matters - eCourse

***COMING SOON*** Erica West explains how your thoughts create your reality in the WHAT YOU THINK... MATTERS eCourse, and how to change your thoughts in the direction of a more desirable state.

AUD $100.00

Change Your Beliefs - eCourse

***COMING SOON*** In the CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS eCourse, Erica West explains how your subconscious beliefs determine what you will attract into your life, and how to transform negative beliefs into positive beliefs.

AUD $100.00

The Art Of Manifestation - eCourse

***COMING SOON*** THE ART OF MANIFESTATION eCourse explains how you can access the power within you to co-create with the universe everything you have ever dreamt of (and more).

AUD $100.00

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