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Healing Hints - eCourse

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Healing Hints EcourseHEALING HINTS - eCOURSE (Download) - COMING SOON

Erica West shares many amazing healing techniques and hints in the HEALING HINTS session.

Erica has collated information (gained through personal experience and many years in the healing profession) to empower you with some of the best possible healing solutions in the HEALING HINTS eCourse.  It is imperative that your personal health and wellbeing is a priority in your life.

The HEALING HINTS eCourse is for you, if you wish to invest in your own health and wellbeing and start healing your body, mind and/or life.

Your investment in the HEALING HINTS session provides you with many useful techniques to use (for yourself and others) and documentation (downloadable) for future reference.

The HEALING HINTS eCourse includes:

  • Understanding How ‘Energy’ Works
  • How To Boost Your Immune System
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Changing Beliefs That No Longer Benefit You
  • Re-Energizing Exercises
  • Muscle Testing
  • Headache Release
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Tips For Memory Retention
  • Scar Integration
  • Hydration Of Your Body
  • And More...

The HEALING HINTS session is available as an eCourse (for self-paced learning) or you can attend a Live Workshop. Documentation (in PDF downloadable format) is provided, which explains each technique and gives you lots of useful tips to use (for yourself and/or others).

Clare Hensley on 16-12-2015 03:30 AM
Dear Erica, I am writing to thank you for the session you ran on Healing Hints. You have a gift for presenting invaluable information, in a fun and easy to understand way, that can be used straight away (no bells or whistles, but the nuts and bolts of the techniques). Having some techniques that allow me to start taking ownership of my own health is very empowering and exciting. Thank you for making it so easy and fun.
Cheryl Matthews on 16-12-2015 03:31 AM
I have attended the ‘Healing Hints’ session conducted by Erica West. I found the information that was given during the session was simple to understand, but very thorough. The Healing Hints are something that can be used in day-to-day life, and have outstanding results. Erica explained, as well as demonstrated, just how easy it is to apply the Healing Hints in many different situations.
Helen Malcolm on 16-12-2015 03:31 AM
Erica has divine guidance when she teaches. The Courses I attended (Healing Hints and Rainbow Course) were great, long awaited, and extremely powerful lessons in my life’s journey! Thanks Erica.
Linda Henning on 16-12-2015 03:31 AM
I attended a course offered by Erica West, and I rank the experience as one of the best I’ve ever attended. Erica is a well-organized, interesting teacher, with vast experience and knowledge, which she willingly shares. A genuine, kind person, who works tirelessly to educate and empower those who are ready.
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